Water sports enthusiasts, concerned about the environment and the legacy left to future generations, the three founders of LTS Marine have pooled their expertise to revolutionize the boating industry.

Founded in the spring of 2009, LTS Marine is committed to enabling enthusiasts to take the green shift by offering the only electric water sports boats and powertrains specifically designed for the most rigorous applications.

It is by combining the world’s leading automotive technologies and their industry knowledge that the LTS Marine team can offer a range of solutions tailored to several types of applications. LTS Marine systems, designed and manufactured in our Montreal workshops, are the results of several years of research and development and are found in a wide range of land and marine vehicles.


Combining state-of-the-art components with their knowledge of the boating industry, the LTS Marine team offers a range of integrated solutions designed for multiple types of craft. The main components of the LTS Marine systems have all been designed and tested to meet the strictest automotive standards, the only guarantee of reliability and safety required for the marine environment.

The electric motors installed in the LTS Marine propulsion systems are manufactured by the Canadian company TM4 for the automotive sector. In addition to having impressive technical characteristics and one of the highest efficiency rates, they exceed the industry’s highest safety standards.


100% electric, 100% performant

LTS Marine, the one and only electric water sports boats that will give you the same performance as their petrol cousins, without the noise, obviously …


Turnkey electric and hybrid propulsion systems, ready to be integrated into the vehicle of your choice. Our products are the result of countless hours of research and development, making no compromises on reliability and safety.


Working in close collaboration with our partners, we have developed a special expertise for the electrification of heavy vehicles.


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Answers to your questions

Contact us, it will be our pleasure to refer you to a distributor or, if necessary, to serve you directly.

Of course, LTS Marine adheres to the highest quality standards in the industry. The on-board computer supports the operation of the system and many safety systems have been specially designed for the marine domain to maximize user safety. For example, the load management system will notify the pilot to allow the pilot to return to dock in a safe place before the storage assembly is fully discharged and the power will be automatically shut off in the event of a boat overturning. Moreover, since the engine is electric, there is no risk of explosion.

Absolutely, the LTS Marine propulsion systems have been specially designed for high-level water sports. LTS Marine boats are the only electric boats that have been tested by world class athletes.

Yes. The torque of the LTS Marine engines is far superior to the most powerful thermal engine and the 270 hp of our propulsion systems are more than enough to achieve and maintain the speed required for water sports of all kinds, even slalom.

No, LTS Marine boats are recharged from a standard car socket.

Autonomy varies depending on the type of craft and speed. The energy reserves allow wave sports sessions of about 3 hours and the traction of 4 to 6 skiers in slalom.

Prices vary depending on the type of craft and the options chosen. Contact us, it will be our pleasure to advise you per your needs


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The founders of LTS Marine have experience and a complementary network.


Mr. Jean-François Lavigne is a well-known businessman and mechanical designer working in the field of electric motors and power electronics.


Mr. Bruno Tellier is an engineer specializing in mechanical design and a seasoned manager. Mr. Tellier holds a master’s degree in project management and a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec since 1987.


Mr. Michel Soucy, Sales Manager, has owned companies in the boating world for several years.